I spent all day Saturday  in Queens for Affinity’s Kissena Royale training session. I came with the intent as a spectator, but after the day was finished, I regret not signing up for what seemed to have been an amazing day for all the riders who registered.

The day started off with 25(?) paced laps around the 400-meter loop as a warm-up, with participants ranging from first-time track riders to U.S. gold medalists in the pack.

Gil Hatton was the trainer/coach for the day, and was just .. awesome. His feedback for the beginners, as well as commentaries when the seasoned track racers made their laps around, definitely opened up many eyes and ears and excited everyone to go harder, faster, and smarter. Super inspirational.

The rest of the day was spent with groups taking turns in Keirins, with everyone grouped together based one experience, to race with each other in order to keep it fair for everyone.

The group ride to and from the Park was awesome, and overall, a really really great day, filled with fun races and great tips and learns from Gil Hatton for all the racers. Shouts to Jason and Affinity for a successful day, and many more to come at Kissena. Next time, hopefully I’ll be there with cogs and chainrings instead of cameras and lenses. Looks like I need to start saving some $$$$.

I took tons and tons of photos of all the racers and should have them up shortly. You guys and gals looked great out there! More photos of the day’s races on the way!

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