When Dylan and James invite you on a hunt, you know nothing before accepting the invitation. You keep your fingers crossed that your tires can handle the cobbles in the inevitable future, and prepare yourself for a hell of a good time. The agenda, route, and terrain are a mystery until the day before the trip. Maybe it’s a good thing. Hell, if they had told me how tough the climbs of HUNT 1 were going to be - I might have wussed out and declined the invitation. On both occasions, I’m glad I didn’t.

We spent our first day in the Adirondacks at the state fair: washing our locally famous baconburgers down with soft-serve maple ice cream while experiencing dueling demolition derby cars go at it like metal gladiators. But the real fun began the following day as we hopped on our machines to tackle the ascent that is Whiteface Mountain - an 8-mile hors categorie climb that has been compared by some to the infamous Alp d’Huez.

As I prepare my winter training agenda for next year’s road racing season, I thank Deux North for continuing to allow me to be a part of a project that reminds cyclists (including myself) to always remember to have fun on the bike, and never allow yourself to forget why you push your pedals to begin with. Here’s to camaraderie, friendship, and tailwinds.