18milesperhour is one of my favorite cycling blogs, mostly because of the fun original artwork, and the text surrounding it. They just announced that the drawings are now available for purchase, which is super rad. Now to decide which one I would like for you to buy for me to purchase.


From time to time we get asked if we make prints of Rhys’ artwork.

At long last we can answer “yes.”

Each of the drawings are available as 1 of only 18 (obviously) limited edition prints.

Every one of the drawings is available.

The Universal Truths Of Cycling.

The above “Cyclist’s Lungs.”

The component drawings.

Every one.  

Each one is printed on Archival Grade Enhanced Matt Paper (which prevents fading), full colour and 100% to scale. So, you get to see all the details, mistakes and hidden bits that you don’t necessarily see online. The colours and line quality are really, really good. All prints are numbered, have a hand written title and signed by the two of us. Each print is printed on oversized paper, to allow a good amount of border, as it helps to frame the drawing.

Each print is $100 plus shipping.

If you’re interested, please shoot us an email letting us know which one you’d like and we can arrange the delivery and payment.